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Switching to DVD

Last Updated: Nov 14, 2017 02:05PM CST
If you would like to switch to burning DVD's, or if you have an Epson PP-100 and would like to burn both CD's or DVD's, follow these simple steps.

Launch AutoRay and click the icon Configure (Icon with the tools)

Click the tab "Media". Under "Maximum Media Size" click the drop down menu and select the type of DVD's you will be using. Press Ok.

You will then need to configure your Epson for DVD use. Open the Start Menu, All Programs, EPSON Total Disk Maker, then click EPSON Total Disk Setup.

Right click your Epson and select properties.

Change the Stacker 1 and Stacker 2 drop down lists to type of disc you want within them, then press ok. 

If you want to burn CD's and DVD's (CD's for smaller studies, DVD's for larger studies) You would insert only CD's in stacker 1 and only DVD's in stacker 2, then change the stacker drop down menu accordingly. The epson will then only use DVD's if the studies being burned exceed 700 mb (The size of a CD)

If you have an Epson PP-50, you can only use one type of media. You would insert either all CD's or all DVD's in stacker 1 and 2. Also, you can use both CD's and DVD's, just by dividing the stackers. Stacker one can be set to CD's and stacker 2 can be set to DVD's. Then you can change the settings accordingly in the printer properties. This will allow you to use both CD's and DVD's. 

If you would prefer to use only DVD's, you would set both stacker 1 and stacker 2 to DVD's.

NOTE: Epson only uses writable InkJet CD's and DVD's for printing labels. Using any other type of CD or DVD will cause the labels to smear. You can order both types of CD's and DVD's Here.


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